Smart TabS



It is a browser extension that will organize a heap of tabs and bookmarks in a smart - easy to read way.

To be short.

Suppose you have opened the following tabs:

  • "Tab about Biden #1"
  • "Tab about Trump #1"
  • "Tab about Biden #2"
  • "Tab about Trump #2"
  • "Tab about democrats"
  • "Tab about republicans"

Then Smart TabS will group them by relevance:

  • "Tab about Biden #1"
  • "Tab about Biden #2"
  • "Tab about democrats"
  • "Tab about Trump #1"
  • "Tab about Trump #2"
  • "Tab about republicans"

There is even an option to do the same with bookmarks.
When you add a new bookmark into a default folder, Smart TabS will try to place it closer to similar ones.

If you want, this extension could also hide your tabs that have not been read for a long time.
And remind you about them when you read a similar article.

Although it may look simple and yet it is a powerful tool that:

  • ensures smooth reading flow
  • saves your time on relevant tab search and switching
  • helps to reveal implicit insights and story behind
  • sparks new ideas

And more is yet to come. Stay tuned.

Supported languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.
Others are partially supported.

Tested on ourselves. :)


Smart TabS operates fully locally.

It does not collect any excessive data and
does not send anything outside of your browser.

Extension operations in incognito mode are forbidden on a browser level.

There is no even any analytics.
Therefore we would appreciate your feedback via an email or GitHub.


Bookmark auto-placement

Bookmark auto-placement, which is disabled by default, can be enabled with "Enable smart bookmark autoplacement" option.
A browser will ask you to grant bookmarks read and change permission.

Meanwhile, "There is at least bookmarks of" and "The fraction of an existing bookmarks is at most of" settings control when a new subfolder of similar bookmarks should be automatically created.

By default, they are setted to 10 and 0.25, respectively.
It means that a new subfolder will be created when there are 10 or more similar bookmarks, and they are 0.25(quarter) of all bookmarks in a current folder or less. In other words, a new subfolder will be created when you have 10 similar and 40 bookmarks overall, at a minimum.

Automatic subfolders keep your bookmark folders in more digestible chunks.

Read later tabs

Instead of you, Smart TabS can manage tabs that have not been read for a long time.

You just need to set what to do with "When tab hasn't been read for a long time" option and when to consider a tab as not being read for a long time with ""Long time" in days".

If you choose to put those tabs in bookmarks, the extension will remind you about them when you will be reading a similar article.
It will also need browser bookmarks read and change permission.

Exclude domains

You can exclude domain pages from being processed by Smart TabS.

For example, it could be Web Apps that do not have much meaningful content or if its content is too sensitive.

If this is the case, then just go to the extension preferences page, add that domain to "Excluded domains" list, and press "Save".

Sort by URL domains

This are domain paths which documents will be sorted by its URL if there is more than one of them.

By default this list includes and

Browser support

Smart TabS has been build on top of cross-browser WebExtension API, which is supported by Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium-based browsers.
But only Firefox and Chrome has been tested.

Apple has added WebExtension support in Safari, starting from version 14.
But has not implemented a tab move feature.
Until then, Smart TabS can not be used for Safari.

Release notes

Version: 0.50

Major changes:

  • Adoption of the Manifest v3 for Chrome.
  • The key output of the adoption is that Chrome users should consider site access permissions to get better content sorting now.
  • The extension for Firefox continues to work under Manifest v2.
New features:
  • on demand execution with quick access over context menu and shortcut for:
    • tab sorting;
    • saving selected tabs in read later bookmarks.
  • only on demand tab sorting setting.
  • improved tab sorting;
  • more stable similar read later bookmarks popup;
  • faster settings page load;
  • better 'Save' button visibility in settings;
  • fixed some issues with notifications and bookmark indexing.

Version: 0.40

This update brings:

  • improved multiple windows support;
  • observable and editable default exclude domains and URL sort domains in extension settings;
  • styles for better settings reading;
  • overall better content similarity check;
  • updated main content detection for Reddit and YouTube;

  • fixed some major and minor issues with tab sorting. E.g. for Chrome native tab groups sorting.

Version: 0.30

Significant tab sorting architecture improvements:

  • much better "cold start" after first installation;
  • support of an external tab structure provided by such extensions like Tree Style Tab for Firefox;
  • local groups of similar tabs were added with better similarity detection;
  • less tab shifts on active tab change;
  • full support for different tabs with the same document;

  • overall execution optimizations;
  • fixed some issues with domains excluding and other fixes.

Version: 0.27

Some bookmark auto-creation improvements and fixes.

Version: 0.25
(Firefox: 0.26)

Huge update:

  • bookmarks now also can be auto-managed by the extension;
    It includes automatic:
    • bookmarks placement by relevance;
    • similar bookmarks subfolder creation;
    • tabs bookmarking for reading later with a reminder by relevance.
  • main content extraction updates;
  • improved smart tabs data storage.

Version: 0.12
(Firefox: 0.13)

In this version, we have:

  • added support for native tab groups in Chrome;
  • updated UI/UX for tabs with fixed position forced by a user. Those are tabs that will not be auto-arranged by the extension.

    It includes:
    • an explicit marking with '●'-sign in a tab title;
    • a context menu for setting/unsetting fixed tab position.

And some other refinements as well.

Version: 0.10
(Firefox: 0.11)

Tab auto-rearrangement has become less reactive, considering a transition from skimming to reading.

  • tab relevance evaluation;
  • tab position forcing by user.

Added support of a pinned tabs.

Fixed some bugs.