14.01.2021 14:00

A new Smart TabS is here.

With a better tab auto-rearrangement, relevance evaluation, and user positioning.
Less bugs. More productivity.

As before, you can get it in the Chrome Web Store or AMO.

Still waiting for full WebExtension API implementation in Safari.
02.12.2020 16:20

Meet ToChunkA Smart TabS.

This is our first released solution.
Smart TabS is a browser extension that will keep you productive even with tons of tabs.
12.08.2020 18:00

Too many bookmarks is too much?

Interesting discussion on Hacker News about managing bookmarks.
Problems, reflections, tools and strategies.
30.03.2020 10:05

We are officially out.

Our logo is here.
Our logo.
And this is our first message to the Universe. :)
Here we will be talking about a new information culture and our solutions that will shape it.
We hope you and all your relatives will successfully survive a coronavirus.