True insight
A right information is crucial for a right decisions. And we have an obvious need for it.

Modern technologies has connected us as never before and got rid us from a scarce of information.
But today we are flooded by separate messages from a numerous sources like news, social media, messengers, chats, etc.
And what is worse to many of them are irrelevant, incomplete, opinionated or even fake.

ToChunkA is a project that will bring a solutions that keep you well informed but not overwhelmed.

Key principle

You are in charge about what to read.
ToChunkA will only assist your decision.


ToChunkA Smart Tabs

If you have 10th and 100th of open tabs in a broswer, this extension will help you organize them in a smart - easy to read way.
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Solution X

The project that will change your feeds in a smart - easy to read way.
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